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Unleash the Science of Total Experience Management.

Experience Engineering makes companies stronger and less vulnerable to competitive pressures by leveraging the science of total experience management to design and deliver emotionally engaging branded customer experiences.

You cannot NOT have an experience. When customers interact with your business—whether that customer is a consumer, an employee or a channel partner—they sense clues that influence their attitudes and behaviors. What they see, smell, hear, taste, and touch create their “experience,” even though they usually have no idea it’s happening. That’s because 95% of our mental processing takes place unconsciously.

Whether you know it or not, you’re already delivering these clues. At every critical moment, your customers are forming impressions and taking action based on how your brand experience makes them feel. Are your cross channel customer experience clues haphazard and undifferentiated? Or are they intentionally and strategically designed and managed to strengthen the customer’s deep emotional connection to your brand?

At Experience Engineering, we live, eat, sleep, breathe unraveling the riddle that is human experience. No more guesswork. No more random clues. We dive deep into that 95% of unconscious human thought to look at customer experience from the inside out—through the hearts and minds of your customers. Grounded in cutting-edge behavioral science, our systematic approach optimizes the role of the unconscious mind so you can design, deliver and manage clue-driven cross channel customer experiences that drive business results.

The unconscious is a powerful motivator.

Only 5% of a person’s decisions are based on conscious, rational thought. We help you tap into the unconscious motivations of your customers.

I loved the new framework Experience Engineering presented for thinking about an experience-based business. They made us realize we should stop obsessing about Pizza Hut and start obsessing about what people want to feel when they’re inside our restaurant. That shift in thinking has unlocked a tremendous amount of creativity within our organization.

Jens Hofma

Pizza Hut UK Chief Executive

Our Clients

These are just a few of the ways our clients say we’re transforming the way they derive value from the intentional design and management of customer experience through Experience Engineering.

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